The Rapid Evolution of Esports

Esports have seen remarkable growth. People looking for competitive thrills quickly found their way to Twitch and live streaming events at some of the most important esports tournaments around the world. Most of these events went ahead without any interruption.



Esports is still far away from its peak in a year ago. Esports is far from where it was a year ago. This scene is open to new approaches, modalities, and types of games.


Enter “Mind Sports”.

Mind sports is a new category that includes a range of games and sports. It has been one of the most important changes in recent years. This applies only to video games. It is easy to see how they were able to quickly incorporate themselves into the playlists of top esports gamers and teams streaming online via Twitch.

Mind sports can cross borders like esports such as League of Legends and DOTA 2.


A Brief History Lesson

Esports is defined as any form of competitive video gaming. The Sega Genesis was the next generation home console. These systems were a major talking point in the gaming community.

By our 90s, esports events started to look very much like the ones we see now. Esports events began to look very similar to the ones we see today by the time we reach our 90s. The dominance of SK Telecom teams in top MOBA tournaments made it a center for competitive gaming.

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The Rapid Evolution of Esports
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